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The village formed part of the Tandridge hundred administrative division of the Anglo-Saxons. A stretch of the London to Brighton Way Roman road runs through it, and the road continues southward along Tilburstow Hill Road.

Walkingstead originally referred to Godstone as "Wolcen's place", from the Old English personal name Wolcen (related to modern English "welkin" meaning cloud") and stede "place, homestead", related to modern English stead. The name was recorded as Wuulicinsted in 932. The name appears in an undated record as Wolinstede, suggesting the same etymology. Wachelstede is found in the Domesday Book of 1086.

At the turn of the century, Godstone was quarried. No longer in operation, the site is used by caveers.

More Godstone Facts

Within Godstone there are two centres, Church Town and Godstone Green, which are connected by other neighbourhoods.
Brick became the fashionable building material in the 18th Century, making Church End and Church House, opposite St Nicholas Church, two listed buildings.

Sir George Gilbert Scott expanded the chancel arch, added the chancel north side, and installed new windows on the nave and east end of the church during the restoration in 1872-3.

From the south of Godstone to the church, Bullbeggars Lane leads to the church, and there is a footpath that runs from the pub and its barn, along Bay Pond to Church Lane.
In Godstone, between Tilburstow Hill Road and Eastbourne Road, you will find this small parcel of land.

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